Chroma a prototype that explores difficulties in communication

WASD or Arrow keys to move
Spacebar to mute audio

Inspiration for this piece came from a number of different sources (which I'll link below), but primarily it came from this song called Tone by DVG. For me, Tone is a song about a relationship (platonic or otherwise) that is in a rough patch and both people involved don't know where to go. I built this piece based off of a line in the song that goes, "Trust me when I say I never change, I just tone down." To DVG this is a song about two people not understanding each other and how scary it can be to be vulnerable with a person. He goes on to say it's a love song, but not about falling in love. It's more about staying in love and learning how to communicate.

Tone by DVG

Explanation from DVG

Some other Inspirations for Chroma:

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