this is a small game inspired by berd's flamingo video using this song.

use the arrow keys to move.

shrimp: +1

fried shrimp: +1 and +50% move speed for 1.5 seconds

watch: add 3 seconds

snowman: -50% move speed for 1.5 seconds

boxing glove: ko'd for 1.5 seconds

art by: berd and the people that make emojis

music by: kero kero bonito

best berd board should work now. watch now adds only 3 seconds.


access current high scores from title screen  by pressing enter

4 hidden items are now in the game

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Published 85 days ago
AuthorChris Williams
Tags2D, Arcade, berd, Cute, flamingo, Funny, Short, weird


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working on getting the best berd board working.

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it should be working now!